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Yew Disc (Sanded) 100mm x 5mm

Yew Disc (Sanded) 100mm x 5mm


Yew Disc (Sanded)


100mm x 5mm


Sold individually. All dimensions are approximate, there may be small variations between discs.


Each piece of wood is unique with no two pieces being identical. Your disc is an individual, the exact one you will receive is therefore not shown in the product image.
  • Returns and Refunds

    It is important to note that if in the unfortunate event that during working with this disc the disc is distroyed the liability will rest solely with the purchaser.  Any replacement or refund will only be considered if a fault is identified within 3 days of the initial delivery. In the unlikely event of this happening, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact us within the 3 day period, with images of the fault, we will then decide upon a mutually satisfactory resolution.  In the event of a refund being agreed, the refund will only be provided upon the return of the product to us in its original state within 7 days from receipt of the agreed return date.  Any disc that has failed during use will not be covered under this policy as once use has begun a root cause cannot be clearly identified.

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